Do you know elk?

Sure. It's clear. elk is not moose, but elk sounds much more beautiful than moose. Don't you think so? 

Anyway, since 2001 elk is on the run. Last year he took a break and strolled through the wide open of swedish woods, curiously and hungry. Now, in 2013, elk is back. Ready, willing and able. elk is again eager to write. That's his passion. But he is also ready for any other challenge, like a new communication concept you might need. Or are you short of ideas how to get people to talk about your company?

elk is also moderating events. Can you imagine? Yes, quite succesfully. And with lot of joy, too. For elk, the interviewed partners and the public. Or you might be interested in travelling back in time with a workshop in movie history? elk does that, too.

elk writes plays and screenplays. There are already some available - or maybe you just need a new one to be written? Tell elk and he writes.

elk up-to-date

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